Led by a team of experienced electrification, transport and energy specialists, we are laser focused on mission success for fleet operations

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We simplify the electric vehicle eco-system

Integrating all key operational data into a single platform

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Integrating the Ev Eco-system Into One Easy to Use Synchronized Platform

Who We Are

We are a team comprising 30+ years of experience at the forefront of electromobility, power-energy infrastructure and software development. Working with and delivering solutions for leading organizations in the ZEV sector, such as ChargePoint, Siemens, ABM, Volvo Bus and Truck, Daimler, New Flyer, GILLIG, STM Montreal, New York MTA, SFMTA and Translink, we have built and pioneered the electric vehicle industry from a commercial and engineering perspective in North America and Europe.

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A single-subscription, fully integrated solution for
EV fleet management

With real time vehicle and charging infrastructure
decision supporting tools


Leah O’Dwyer

Founder | CEO

Paul Jervis

Co-founder | CTO

Kevin Christopher

Co-founder | Product Management

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