Backed by our experience, ZeroMission was founded with a vision to accelerate Zero Emission Vehicle adoption through smart and practical software solutions to ensure mission success for day to day zero emission fleet operations.

We are a team comprising 30+ years of experience at the forefront of electromobility, power-energy infrastructure and software development. Working with and delivering solutions for leading organizations in the ZEV sector, such as ChargePoint, Siemens, ABM, Volvo Bus and Truck, Daimler, New Flyer, GILLIG, STM Montreal, New York MTA, SFMTA and Translink, we have built and pioneered the electric vehicle industry from a commercial and engineering perspective in North America and Europe.

30+ Years Experience at ZeroMission

Leah O'Dwyer

CEO | Founder, ZeroMission


Leah O'Dwyer CEO | Founder

Leah O’Dwyer, Founder and CEO of ZeroMission brings more than 15 years EV industry experience following prior roles at Siemens Energy, Siemens Mobility and ChargePoint. Leah has built business units from the ground up in the international electromobility sector and pioneered innovative technology, project and business models from concept to deployment for all EV’s from passenger cars to heavy duty trucks and buses, including optimized system design, Fleet Software and Energy Management.


Co-founder | Head of Engineering, ZeroMission


Paul Jervis Co-founder | Head of Engineering

Paul Jervis Co-founder and Head of Engineering at ZeroMission has held senior leadership roles at 3 previous technology companies over the past 8 years. At Ovarro, Paul led transformation, implementation and testing for SCADA products. Paul brings software development expertise and logical business decision making. At present Paul is also Visiting Lecturer at University of York and York St John’s University.

Kevin Christopher

Co-founder Product Management, ZeroMission


Kevin Christopher Co-founder Product Management

Kevin Christopher, co-founder of ZeroMission has more than 12 years EV industry experience. In prior roles at ABM Industries & ChargePoint, Kevin built & managed early stage P/L driven teams that have deployed over 1,000 networked charging stations across North America. Kevin has worked extensively with Fleets, vehicle OEMs, Utilities, EPCs, consultants, and most all other stakeholders in the ZEV customer environment

Gearóid McDermott

Head of Finance, ZeroMission


Gearóid McDermott Head of Finance

Broad-based business perspective from over 30 years’ experience at Board level in Finance, Operations, Manufacturing Site Management and Global Supply Chain leadership roles. Gearóid has vast experience in all stages of the business life cycle having delivered in Startup, Mature, and Right Sizing environments. Gearóid has a keen understanding of the Finance Role in driving governance & compliance through to decision support and business partnering.

David Betteridge

Lead Architect, ZeroMission


David Betteridge - Lead Architect

David Betteridge, Lead Architect at ZeroMission has been working as a software developer for a range of different start-ups for the last 25 years. During this time David has worked on a wide range of projects, from small SMEs to multi-national organisations. His interests include competing in computer security competitions and co-founding a local ‘York Developers’ charity.

Janie Miller

Head of Customer Solutions, ZeroMission


Janie Miller Head of Customer Solution

Janie Miller, Head of Customer Solutions at ZeroMission previously led the Transit program at ChargePoint where she managed sales pipelines, project deployments, and customer programs. Prior to working in the EV industry, Janie spent 10 years working on large scale projects at Exxon with roles from design engineer to project manager. She brings her manufacturing background, experience with EV fleet operations, and attention to customer life cycle to provide the best possible experience to our customers