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At ZeroMission we examine and leverage the data that you collected in your pilot or early phase operation for fit-for-purpose design planning and scaling your operation to a fully electric solution.



A single-subscription, fully integrated solution for
EV fleet management

Depot Management

We’ve developed a representative depot map view showing locations of charging stations and other key infrastructure in the depot, together with real time vehicle locations. Click to learn more

Charger Management

With OCPP (1.6.J | 2.0.1) integration to charging stations and API integrations to charger management clouds, we’ve enabled charging station data exchange for real time asset status management and control. Click to learn more

Vehicle Management

Using a one platform approach, where all key interdependent data is mapped and monitored, we’ve developed a series of intuitive dashboards where all mission critical information is displayed in real time with a range of AI informed decision support tools. Click to read more

Advisory Service

As electric vehicle pioneers for more than 15years we understand the challenge, cost and complexity of commercial vehicle fleet electrification and that it can’t be easily solved by widgets and thought leadership alone. Click to read more

Energy Management

With OCPP (1.6.J | 2.0.1) integration to charging stations and API integrations a true energy management solution, it is necessary to collect and map data for the onsite power supply equipment, such as electric panels, switch gear and transformers. Click to learn more

Data and Reporting

In this still early phase of fleet electrification, we understand the value of a reliable single data source for decision makers and as a benchmark for operators seeking to improve operational efficiency. Click to read more

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We simplify the Electric Vehicle Eco-System


30+ years of experience at the forefront of electromobility, power-energy infrastructure and software development

Backed by our experience, ZeroMission was founded with a vision to accelerate Zero Emission Vehicle adoption through smart and practical software solutions to ensure mission success for day to day zero emission fleet operations.

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